The Skinny Doll

Almost 12 years ago, I was handed the results of a blood test and told if I didn’t do something about my weight I wouldn’t live to see 40. It wasn’t a doctor being cruel, or a nurse eye-rolling at another fat person, it was there in black and white, get healthy or die. I searched for people with as much weight to lose as me and found no one who I connected with. So I thought I would document my journey in the hope that someone who felt the same would see it and know they weren’t alone… The Skinny Doll blog was born! I’m just a normal girl, trying to get healthy. 

 I’ve documented my journey honestly and tried to make it fun along the way, life’s too short. Conforming to social media, and trying to reach impossible beauty standards aren’t for me, I don’t try to play the popularity game. I won’t try to sell you things that I haven’t loved myself or found have helped me. I just want to share the ups and downs of being super morbidly obese and share the tips and tricks I've learned to be the best version of myself I can be. If it does one thing, I hope it makes people feel less alone on their path to feeling happier in their own skin. You will inspire me way more than I will inspire you! It’s a place to empower each other and be happier in our own bodies. 

 My goal has never been a number on a scale or a label on a dress, my goal is to feel happier in my body and learn my worth, something that I have to work really hard at… having lost over 12 stone and still battling with an eating disorder, I can do things now that I never thought were possible 10 years ago. I still have a way to go and I’d love you to share that path with me and we can do it together! Here for motivation, acceptance and learning how to unpack all that emotional baggage. Destination - healthy!

 Anything else…

 Raised in Sydney, living in Dublin!

Grease is my fav movie.

Addicted to all of the crisps!

Prone to swearing!

Level 5 Gin drinker, been known to sip on sweet bourbon.

Me in a nutshell - funny, honest & quirky!

Can sniff out a bag of wine gums from 100 feet!